Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Orange Cake Pops

Halloween is not a big thing over here, but I quite like all holidays and the decorations that go along with it..never mind that it is always a good excuse to get to bake fun things, different little treats, especially for the kiddies! These orange flavoured pops or cake lollies were pretty quick and straight forward to make, but decorating and the details can be a little time consuming. All in all, they are fun to make!

Hello or Hallo!:)

Cake Pops (40 pcs, big batch!)

sponge cake (4eggs, equal amount of sugar and flour + 1tsp baking powder, optional orange food colouring.)
200grams cream cheese, orange flavour (or natural cream cheese + grated orange zest)
white chocolate
liquorice sauce (hard topping)  or black candy melts
wooden skewers/lollipop sticks

1. Bake your sponge in a cake tin or an oven tray at 175degrees until a skewer comes out clean. Let the sponge cool completely.
2. Crumble the sponge into a bowl and add the cream cheese. Mix together thoroughly.
3. Take about a tablespoon of the dough for each cake pop and roll into firm balls. Put them on a tray and place in the refrigerator to cool.
4. While the cake pops are cooling melt the white chocolate (and candy melts).
5. Start the decorating by sticking a skewer into each dough ball, then dipping  them in your choice of coating.
6. Add sprinkles, sweets or other details before the coating has a chance to fully set. 
7. Keep the finished cake pops in the fridge.

Tuck in!

My intention was initially to just bake orange cake pops, both flavour and colour wise, coated in white chocolate and sprinkles. Then I remembered a pair of lovely sugar doctors and their brilliant idea using hard liquorice I thought I'd give it a go and let me tell you something, it was a really easy and fuss free product to use for this purpose! I will most certainly keep it in my store cupboard from now on!:)

Hope you like and Happy Halloween!


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    1. Tack snälla! Apelsin smaken gick mycket bra ihop med både vitchokladen och den litet salta lakritsen.:)