Cakes and bakes before starting the blog

On this page I thought I'd post some photos of cakes and other sweet treats that I made earlier this year before I started my blog. I will not add recipes, but I will try to add a comment on each one. :)

This angry bird was the latest one and the first green one I had attempted to bake and decorate. This was a gluten free spongecake, with a dairy and soy free strawberry mousse filling.

These little angry bird cupcakes were decorated by my nephew Alex...he did a fantastic job! I was really only there to stand by and help if needed.;) The cupcakes were a basic chocolate pound cake recipe.

I made this tiny football cake as a 'not-your-real' birthday surprise for my brother in law. I'm happy to say that he was pleased with it! The cake is a spongecake, with a mango mousse filling.

This dainty cake was an "allergy" cake as well as the green angry bird cake above. The sponge is a gluten and dairy free butter pound cake, filled with the same strawberry mousse and covered with fondant.

A traditional strawberry topped cream cake was next on the agenda. It was my pleasure to bake one for my grandfather, who celebrated his 91st birthday earlier this month! Additionally I made an orange and chocolate mud cake and two savoury quiches, one with ham and one with chicken and feta.

One of the cakes I made in July was a beyblade themed cake. It turned out to be a version of my own, a pegasus inspired poison serpent beyblade cake! (I know, confusing..especially since I have no clue about which beyblade is which :))

This Moomin cake was a little bit challenging to make. The 3D decorations came out great and I did make them well ahead. Covering the cake was another took me quite some time to get the fondant to hold in one piece..mainly due to humidity. Well..luckily I got there in the end and Vincent and his parents were delighted with it!

The following two cakes were for a little girl's first birthday. One for the adults and one for the children. I was able to decide on the theme and decorations and funny enough, I really enjoyed making the roses, though it isn't my favourite flower.(the tulip is.) I quite liked the outcome of the little ladybird too!

These two floral cakes below were a treat to make! 

This white cake is a chocolate pound cake with a raspberry and blueberry mousse filling.

This small yellow cake decorated with marguerite flowers was a traditional sponge filled with mango mousse in two layers.

In June my little sister turned 22 years!
She wanted me to bake two cakes, one for her workplace and another one for a party later that evening.

Littleseera at work with her bird!;)
The blue bird was a chocolate pound cake with raspberry mousse.

 This one was a light spongecake with mango mousse in two layers.



  1. Sä olet kyllä superdupertaitava! t. Minna

  2. Kiitos Minna! Tulkaa joskus kahville, niin saan lisää hyviä syitä leipoa!;)