Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cakes from the past few months

Until I get a better chance of updating my blog and getting the look I want for it, here are some of the cakes and other delicious bakes from the past few months. I hope you like it. For a more up to date stream of my life baking and living visit my instagram account @ Lisubettan. Much appreciated. :)

Little Enzo's christening cake with raspberries and whitechocolate

Light pink cupcakes for my sweet niece

Miniature versions

Carrot cake, always a favourite

Hersey's kisses on top of an orange flavour buttercream layer cake

Baguettes with linseeds and oats

Malted loaf, made with a poolish

Lemon and milk curd flan

Another hearty bread, just the way I like it!

Sweet cardamom shrovetide buns with raspberry jam and whipped cream

Little Minea's christening cake <3

Pearls for girls - Helmi's cake for her 5th birthday

Ham, sweet pepper and chili sandwich cake

Ham and chive sandwich cake

Super positive Spongebob Squarepants cake for my son's 5th birthday. <3<3<3

Baby's first cake

For the past months I have mainly been posting pictures of my cakes and other creations on Instagram. I find it quick and easy to add them onto the site without having to take the time to write a complete blog post.
I do want to continue update this blog, so I shall try my best to get back on track and bring my recipes and photos over here as well.

My friend wanted me to create something dainty for her second daughter's christening. She wished for a pale pink cake, with a baby as a cake topper, but she left the rest of the decoration up to me.
The cake consisted of a chocolate sponge with two layers of filling - raspberry mousse and white chocolate mousse.

My friend was more than delighted with the cake, so for me this was a job well done. Happy. <3