Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dainty Chocolate Pops

These delicate, sweet little milk and white chocolate covered cake pops have a moist orange flavoured inside that just melts in your mouth. I had loads of the cake dough left after having made the Halloween inspired Pops , so I was more than a bit smug when I got to decorate these in a much more feminine and girlish (read: pink and sparkly) style.

The recipe for these pops is, like I said, the same as for the orange pops. The only other thing I had for making this version was the milk chocolate coating. I tried out a new product, (at least in supermarkets 'round 'ere) a milk chocolate sauce that goes hard once it comes in contact with cold ice cream or other desserts.
Obviously I also had some pink, white and silver sprinkles to finish these beauties off!

Wishing all of you a great start to November and for any male readers happy Movember! :) Stay happy and healthy!


  1. Åh så fina:)
    Kram från Victoria på www.victoriasprovkö

    1. Tack så för din kommentar Victoria! Trevlig helg!:)