Saturday, 27 October 2012

Yellow Angry Bird Vol.2

This little angry fellow flew off to brighten up a sweet boy's 9th birthday! The cake is a sponge cake with two layers of mango mousse. I assembled the cake in a glass bowl to achieve the desired shape. Before covering it with fondant, I coated the cake with some butter cream to avoid the moisture within the cake from coming in contact with the fondant.

Where them piggies at?!

The sponge base was a 4 egg basic sugar sponge. I used the good old way of measuring equal amounts of eggs, sugar and flour in glasses of the same size. Then adding 1tsp of baking powder to the flour. I baked it for 25-30mins at 175degrees in a 24cm cake tin.

The filling is a favourite of mine:

Mango mousse

250grams mango (I had frozen mango pieces)
200grams cream cheese
0,5dl caster sugar
2,5dl whipping cream (+2tbsp sugar)
8 leaves of gelatine

As I mentioned I assembled the cake in a bowl layering the mousse with the sponge cake, leaving it to set in the fridge over night to make sure the mousse is firm enough to withstand the weight of the fondant and decorations/details.

I will be adding step by step recipes of different mousse fillings that I frequently like using, both as fillings and for set cakes/cheesecakes. I am hoping to get this done asap... :) 

If all goes well, tomorrow there will be one if not two small sweet treats for you guys! Good night peeps! :)

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