Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Lavender & Vanilla Scones

I finally got to do some relaxing baking to bring a bit of comfort to these cold winter days. It really has been busy, with the little ones not feeling entirely well and the bigger boys going back to school and nursery. I fancied something homely to start the new year off with and here is the first recipe out of three.

Lavender and Vanilla Scones (6 large or 9 small)

80grams cold butter, cubed
250ml milk or cream (I had half and half)
300grams (2cups) plain flour
1tbsp brown sugar
1tsp baking powder
1tsp bicarb of soda
2tsp vanilla extract (actually had some homemade this time)
1 tsp dried lavender buds
+milk to brush the tops

1. Start by mixing the flour, leavening agents and sugar together in a large bowl.
2. Pour the milk/cream into a jug and add the vanilla extract and lavender. Leave it to infuse while continuing with the dough.
3. Take the cold butter and quickly rub it into the dry ingredients. Using a knife or your hands (I was hands on!) keep rubbing (without over working it and softening the butter too much), until it is a sandy crumb like mixture. Add the vanilla and lavender infused milk&cream and mix, but only just to bring it together.
4. On a floured surface, knead the dough a couple of times, then pat it into a plump rectangle piece of dough and using a metal cutter, make the scones. (for nice high scones, make sure not to twist the cutter when cutting out the scones, just press down once.)
5. Place the scones on a lined baking tray, brush them with some milk (only the tops, not the sides) and bake for ~15mins at 175-200degrees, until golden and fluffy. Cool the scones on a wire rack and once cooled, keep covered.


  1. Scones är något av det bästa jag vet! Mums!

    1. Absolut, scones är bara såååå goda!:) Kram!