Monday, 10 December 2012

Julstämning - Holiday Spirit

Only a fortnight to go until Christmas and I am hoping to get loads more done in terms of baking for the family and making edible gifts. I have yet to decide whether to get a real Christmas tree or a fake one and I desperately need to finish decorating our home! This week we're also attending the children's Christmas plays at school and nursery and at the week-end I get to see my bestest girlfriends and have a little bit of a pre-Christmas get-together of our own, just us ladies! At this time I still wanted to give you all a little bit of holiday way.:)

Welcome! Välkommen!

Plum pastry.

Tiny treats!

Traditional spiced buttermilk cake.

2nd Sunday of Advent

We have plenty of snow at the moment (totally loving it!) and that has really helped me along the way to get into a proper Christmas mood! To top things off, I was super delighted to find out that I had won first prize in a Christmas draw on one of the baking blogs I frequently visit. This was delivered ever so speedily, well in time for the holidays! :)

Such a lovely Xmas surprise!

Thank you again for a lovely blog, it sure is a joy to see what the two of you are up to in the kitchen!:)

The countdown to Christmas truly has begun. Hopefully all of you are enjoying it as much as I am!


  1. Vilket fint pris du vunnit, grattis! Snö saknar jag lite. Låter trevligt med tjejträff!

    1. Tack tack, blev mycket glad av priset!:) Det är roligt med snö istället för slask. Ser verkligen fram emot att dricka lite glögg med damerna!;)

  2. Jes! Kiva että sait pakettisi! Ihanaa joulua sinulle! =)

    1. Kiitos samoin!:) Vanhin poikani on jo moneen otteeseen kysellyt, josko hän saisi maistaa suklaalusikoita!:)